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Lexington Family Court Attorney, James Snell, represents clients throughout South Carolina in collecting back-owed alimony and child support. In Family Court collections we assist clients with collecting money from deadbeat non-custodial parents or former spouses who refuse to comply with Court orders.

The Family Court in South Carolina has the authority to enforce their orders by holding the obligor (person who is supposed to be paying the support) in contempt. This can subject them to up to one year of jail, a fine, an award of community service, suspension of their driver's license and loss of certain professional or occupational licenses.

In addition to the enforcement mechanisms available through the Court we can also seek to collect back-owed support through liens on lawsuits, inheritances, workers' compensation benefits, cars, boats, real estate, investment or retirement accounts, bank accounts or other valuable property. If the obligor has anything that can be used to satisfy their obligation it can be seized and levied against.

Interest on Unpaid Amounts

Under South Carolina law you are entitled to interest on all amounts ordered but not paid to you. There is no limit or cap on the amount of interest you may be entitled to, and in cases with years of non-payment the interest owed to you may almost as much as the total arrearage.

Interest payments are not calculated by the Clerk of Court or awarded automatically by the Court. Our office knows how to request interest be added to your account, and how to calculate the amount of interest from each missed payment. In many cases by working with a private Family Court collection attorney you may be able to receive more money, even after fees and costs, than you could otherwise by relying upon the Department of Social Services, or the Clerk of Court.

No Fees Up Front

In many cases our office can assist you with collecting child support or alimony without requiring that you pay any fees or costs up front. In these cases our office may work with you on a contingency, meaning we only are paid in the event that you actually recovery money. When we work on cotingency we are paid a fee as a percentage of the total recovery and then are reimbursed for any case costs (filing fees, process servers, etc.).

Domesticating Support Orders

If your Court order is from another State we can assist you with domesticating it here in South Carolina so that our Family Court will have the authority to enforce it. This is often times the first step in collecting alimony or child support when the responsible party has moved from out of state into South Carolina.

If you are owed back child support, alimony or any other Family Court award contact The Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC, about your case today. 

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